Banking (Capital, Audit And Prudential Requirements) Regulations, 1988 (LI 1389).

Regulation 2: Capital Adequacy of Banks.(1) Every bank shall at all times while in operation maintain a minimum capital adequacy ratio of six per cent; except that a higher capital adequacy ratio may be fixed(a) by the Bank of Ghana with respect to any particular bank; or(b) generally with respect to the banks by the Bank of Ghana with the prior approval of the Secretary;and for such periods as the Bank may determine.(2) The capital adequacy ratio shall be measured as a percentage of the capital base of the bank to its adjusted assets base in accordance with the provisions of the First Schedule to these Regulations.(3)  Any bank which fails to maintain the level of capital adequacy provided for or determined under these Regulations shall be liable to pay to the Bank of Ghana on each day on which the deficiency continues as penalty one half per mille of the difference between the capital adequacy that the bank should have maintained and the capital adequacy actually maintained by the bank, and unless such deficiency is remedied within 90 days after it has occurred the Bank of Ghana may prohibit the bank concerned from granting loans or credits or from making investments or accepting deposits.

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Bank of Ghana

Accra Central

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