Electronic Communications Regulations, 2011 (L.I. 1991)

Regulation 47: Amateur radio licence (1) Except as provided in sub-regulation (3), the Authority may grant an amateur radio licence "A" or "B" to an applicant who (a) is not less than fourteen years of age;(b) has passed the radio amateur examination or possesses the requisite qualifications prescribed for the purpose; and(c) has passed the Morse test conducted by the Authority. (2) The Authority may grant the licence to a person who is not a Ghanaian citizen if the person holds a valid amateur licence issued to the person by the government of the person's country with which the Government of Ghana has a bilateral agreement for the operation on reciprocal basis of amateur radio stations. (3) Subject to sub-regulation (1), a non-Ghanaian who is not resident in Ghana and who holds a valid amateur licence may be granted a temporary licence for a period of not more than three months or for a further period as the Authority may determine. (4) The holder of an amateur radio licence shall keep an accurate log of operations in the station which shall include the following: (a) the date of operations; (b) the time of commencement of each call made from the station including tests conducted or called; (c) the time of establishing and of ending contact with each station; (e) the frequency used; (f) the type of emission which is to be entered only once until there is change in the type of emission; (g) the signature of each licensed amateur radio operator and the name and signature of a person holding an amateur radio licence or amateur radio certificate recognised by the Authority who transmits by voice over a radiotelephone transmitter; and(h) the time of closing down the station.

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National Communications Authority

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