Ghana Maritime Security Act, 2004 (Act 675)

Section 1:(1) This Act applies to(a) the following types of ships on international voyages(i)  passenger ships, including high speed craft; and(ii) cargo ships, including high speed craft of 500 gross tonnage or more;(b) mobile offshore drilling units that are located within Ghana's maritime jurisdiction;[As substituted by the Ghana Maritime Security (Amendment) Act, 2011 (Act 824), s.1(a)](c) pleasure craft; and(d) port facilities within Ghana's maritime jurisdiction that serve a ship specified under paragraphs (a) and (b);[As substituted by the Ghana Maritime Security (Amendment) Act, 2011 (Act 824), s.1(d)](e) other offshore marine installations designated by the Minister by publication in the Gazette.[As inserted by the Ghana Maritime Security (Amendment) Act, 2011 (Act 824), s.1(c)](2)  The Minister may(a) after due consideration of a port facility security assessment, conducted in accordance with this Act; and(b)  having regard to the level of security required to be achieved under this Act;extend by notice published in the Gazette the application of this Act to specified port facilities within the country which although used primarily by ships not engaged on international voyages, are required occasionally, to serve ships that arrive from or depart on an international voyage.(3) This Act shall not apply to(a) the following ships owned or operated by the Republic and used only for non-commercial activities,(i) a warship, or(ii) a ship designated for naval, military, customs or law enforcement purposes; or(b) part of or the whole of a port that is(i)  protected with security, and(ii) under the exclusive control of the Ghana Armed Forces. (4) The provisions of Part B of the Code shall be read as one with this Act, and shall apply subject to such modification as may be necessary to give effect to this Act.

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Ghana Maritime Authority


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