Public Conveyancing Act, 1965 (Act 302)

Section 3: (1) There shall be made a plan as prescribed of a selected area and there shall be specified in the prescribed manner on the plan a schedule setting out in entries the lands granted under section 2 and in corresponding entries the names of the grantees, the interests held by them in the land, the dates from which the grants take effect and any other particulars as may be prescribed. (2) The Minister shall make an endorsement below the last entry that the particulars specified in the plan and the schedule to the plan are in accordance with the provisions of this Act and any other enactment in that behalf and are true and accurate and shall sign and date that endorsement. (3) The Minister shall cause each plan of a selected area together with its schedule to be registered under the Land Registry Act, 1962 (Act 122), and the provisions of that Act shall with due alteration to the details, apply to the registration in like manner as those provisions apply to the registration of any other instrument. (4) Where a plan of a selected area with its schedule is registered under subsection (3) of this section, a copy, an extract or a certificate of registration purporting to be signed by a registrar within the meaning of the that Act, or made in the prescribed manner shall be receivable in a Court as evidence of the particulars specified therein without further or other proof, unless it is proved to be a forgery.

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